Jenna Morrow is the founder and Principal Designer behind Morrow Design Studios, which she opened in 2021 following an intense battle with postpartum anxiety.

A Philadelphia native, Jenna is no stranger to strength and grit but both were threatened after the birth of her first child. She sought professional help from a therapist who offered a variety of coping mechanisms including the 5-4-3-2-1 method. This technique encourages you to tap into your five senses to bring you out of an anxious state and into the present moment. It was during this exercise that Jenna realized her home was not an environment that supported her anxiety as it lacked a sensory experience. And so, her design firm's mission was conceived.

Jenna's love for art, writing and nature are areas where she gleans inspiration for her designs, even within her own home. All three introduce us to a new experience that taps into one or all of our senses while inspiring our realities. She brings this perspective and her design expertise into every project, leaving her clients with distinctive and experiential spaces in their homes.

Jenna is also a Multiple Sclerosis Warrior. She was diagnosed in 2012 and has been an advocate for MS awareness by sharing her story and supporting various organizations. Morrow Design Studios donates a percentage of each interior design project to the MS Society to support their goal of finding a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Her dream is a world that is free from such an unpredictable disease that jeopardizes quality of life for so many individuals.

Working with Morrow Design Studios was a great decision on a partial basement finishing. The time and effort to finding and picking the right contractor and managing the project was done amazingly by Jenna and company. The weekly updates was great to have to keep us organized and would recommend Morrow Design Studios for any home design updates/improvements.


r. holland, silver spring, md