Do you remember how you felt when you secured your first home? Be it the keys to a new apartment or the fresh scent of a new construction home, there was an undeniable sense of pride that accompanied such a milestone. Fast forward a few months when loved ones share their excitement about your achievement and want to visit to your new home. You start hesitating because, although you take pride in the accomplishment, you're not equally proud of the interior of your home.

The inability to love how your home looks and functions can influence various aspects of your life including your mental health, productivity and sense of community. Have you ever struggled to focus on work because your home office lacks a design that can inspire your output? A task that should’ve taken you 60 minutes took two hours because you couldn’t ignite your productivity. Or maybe one day you arrived at home and were greeted by clutter that led you to a Netflix binge to avoid tidying the mess. Weeks later, the cycle continued which slowly chipped away at your mental health resulting in total stagnation. Perhaps you wanted to host a dinner party but weren’t willing to welcome family and friends because home doesn’t look like your Pinterest board. This impacted your ability to connect with your tribe which made you feel disappointed or even isolated. 

At Morrow Design Studios, our team restores your pride in home. We are dedicated to working with you to create a design that meets your style and needs. We do this by taking you on a journey of discovery beginning with exploring your vision then, crafting a narrative that sets the tone for the design. In the end, we welcome you home to a space that you are proud to call yours.



We offer a variety of packages to meet the needs of our clients no matter where they are. 

Live Design Session
Interior Decorating
Virtual Residential Design

Full Service Residential Design
Commercial Design

Our process begins with a complimentary discovery call where we discuss your project needs and vision. We also introduce you to the team and our design packages to help you select the best service for your project.   


Follow our journey as we work to meet our goal of serving clients in all 50 states.

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Working with Morrow Design Studios was a great decision on a partial basement finishing. The time and effort to finding and picking the right contractor and managing the project was done amazingly by Jenna and company. The weekly updates was great to have to keep us organized and would recommend Morrow Design Studios for any home design updates/improvements.


r. holland, silver spring, md