5 Things You Should Do 35 Days Before Christmas


November 21, 2021

Christmas is just 35 days away and my holiday countdown series is still going strong. My goal for this series is to help you minimize the stress that comes with the season by checking some tasks off your list early. Keep reading to see what 5 things you should do 35 days before Christmas.

Christmas Countdown

1. Create your holiday playlist

Round up your favorite holiday songs on a music app of your choice to have on rotation all season long.

2. Set your menu

If you’re hosting a big party or just making food for your immediate family, now is a good time to figure out your menu. If you’re tempted to make something you’ve never made before, use this time to do a trial run.

3. Ship gifts to long distance relatives

We have family in the UK so our gifts for them are usually out the door by now. Between supply chain concerns and shipping delays this time of year, get ahead of the game so your gifts arrive before Christmas.

4. Order your holiday cards

Remember those holiday photos I told you to take on the 75 days till Christmas post? If you haven’t ordered them yet, now is a good time to do it. Try sites like Shutterfly or Minted, or even your local FedEx printing shop. They’ll arrive to you with plenty of time for you to package them up and ship them out to your family and friends. And if you’re hosting a holiday party, now is a good time to get your invitations out either via mail or digitally using a site like Punchbowl, Evite or Paperless Post.

5. Set up your decorations

Maybe you’ve already set your decorations up but if you haven’t, now is a good time to do it. And make it an event of it! Turn on that playlist you made, pour some champagne and let Christmas take over the house.

Hopefully you found something helpful from this list of 5 things you should do 35 days before Christmas. If you’re curious to see how I’ve been getting ready for the holidays beyond this series, follow me on Instagram.

Christmas Countdown